I’m an independent Software Engineer and Mathematician. My main focus is on developing Add-Ons for Archicad. I develop custom software for clients as well as software which I offer on this site.


Room Coverings

Automatically create coverings modeled as native Archicad walls.

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Ortho Tool

Align and orthogonalize walls and beams to the current view angle if they are within a given tolerance.

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MVO Properties Label

To display different properties via labels depending on the view you could place labels on separate layers and hide/show these layers per view. What if instead you could only place one label and control the property displayed via the Model View Options? This is was the basic idea raised independently by users Nuge and Pablo Ferrer on the Archicad Users Discord. I was curious how this might work out, so I’ve created a test object to try out the idea. [Read More]

How to Get Room Areas With and Without Plaster Reduction Using the Room-Coverings Add-On

There is no easy, out of the box way to get zone areas both with and without plaster area in Archicad. You could achieve it by modeling the plaster walls as separate simple walls and setting them up to reduce the room area. But to model all plaster manually instead of using composite materials is horrible! With the Room Coverings Add-On you can automate a big chunk of that modeling work. In this post I’ll demonstrate how to use the Add-On to model the separate plaster walls automatically and how to get the room area with and without the subtraction of the plaster area.

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How to Use Property GUIDs with the Archicad Python API

In last weeks post I showed an easy way to get GUIDs of properties. Now how do you use these GUIDs? One particular question I got was how to use them with the Archicad Python API. So I’ve made a sample script to demonstrate how to obtain specific property values for a list of elements.

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How to Get Property GUIDs

It’s a hassle to get the GUIDs of properties. I used and saw a few roundabout ways. Then I came across this post on the Graphisoft Community and used it as an opportunity to make an easier way once and for all. So I’ve developed a small label object which can be used to get and display Property GUIDs quickly.

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How to Find Library Part Parameters for Scheduling in Archicad

Scheduling library part objects in Archicad comes with its own set of obstacles. There is no search for the parameters and the selection list for the parameters is tiny. For objects with a long list of parameters, this can be a daunting manual search. Especially if you don’t know its full name. I’ll show you a small workaround how to find such parameters more easily.

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