Line Labels (Preview)

Add labels to (poly)lines!

Basic Usage:

Watch the following video, for an explanation of the currently available preview version.

Steps in the video

  1. Place an Autotext label and choose the Autotext: #Line Length
  2. Pick up the parameters of the created label as the default settings for the label tool.
  3. Now select the lines, polylines and arcs you want to label.
  4. Navigate to Document -> Annotation -> Add Line Labels via Helper Object

Limitations / Not supported yet

  • arc ellipses
  • conversions between line types
  • associativity after copying


DISCLAIMER: You can use this preview version of the software commercially, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are a lot of workarounds which could have unintentional side-effects on your plans!

Version 0.5.0 Windows macOS x64 macOS arm64 (Apple Silicon)
Archicad 26 AC26 Win AC26 macOS x64 AC26 macOS arm
Archicad 25 AC25 Win AC25 macOS x64
Archicad 24 AC24 Win AC24 macOS x64