I’m an independent Software Engineer and Mathematician. My main focus is on developing Add-Ons for Archicad. I develop custom software for clients as well as software which I offer on this site.


How to Get Property GUIDs

It’s a hassle to get the GUIDs of properties. I used and saw a few roundabout ways. Then I came across this post on the Graphisoft Community and used it as an opportunity to make an easier way once and for all. So I’ve developed a small label object which can be used to get and display Property GUIDs quickly.

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How to Find Library Part Parameters for Scheduling in Archicad

Scheduling library part objects in Archicad comes with its own set of obstacles. There is no search for the parameters and the selection list for the parameters is tiny. For objects with a long list of parameters, this can be a daunting manual search. Especially if you don’t know its full name. I’ll show you a small workaround how to find such parameters more easily.

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How to Read the Evaluation of Expression Properties in Archicad

When seeing the evaluate output for property expressions you might think: “What am I even looking at?”. The wall of text presented is not very easy to decipher at first. After reading the post you will have a clearer understanding of what information is presented to you.

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Layer Switch (SimpleAddon) Review

Some of us Archicad Users like the way layers are handled in other drawing programs. We don’t want to go into the Layer dialog CTRL+L every time when we want to change our layer settings. To get direct control over your layers on your workspace you should give the Layer Switch Archicad Add-On a try. It let’s you hide/show and lock/unlock layers directly on your workspace.

The Add-On is part of the SimpleAddon Suite developed by Miklós Groszeibl at 3Dimenzió.

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2 Ways to Use Multiple Choice Option Sets in Archicad Expressions

It’s a shame! You can’t use option sets with multiple choices in property expressions in Archicad. When you the tick the box “Allow multiple choices” in your option set property, the same property is no longer available to choose in expressions. And if you have already used it in another expression, that other expression will report the property as missing.

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Save Layer Settings

With this Archicad Add-On you can save current layer settings into a layer combination.

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Pen Manager

With this Archicad Add-On you can copy pens from one pen set to arbitrary positions in a different pen set.

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Live TOP-Stamp

An automatically updating stamp for apartments. Live scheduled area sums directly on your floor plan!

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