Layer Switch (SimpleAddon) Review

Some of us Archicad Users like the way layers are handled in other drawing programs. We don’t want to go into the Layer dialog CTRL+L every time when we want to change our layer settings. To get direct control over your layers on your workspace you should give the Layer Switch Archicad Add-On a try. It let’s you hide/show and lock/unlock layers directly on your workspace.

The Add-On is part of the SimpleAddon Suite developed by Miklós Groszeibl at 3Dimenzió.

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2 Ways to Use Multiple Choice Option Sets in Archicad Expressions

It’s a shame! You can’t use option sets with multiple choices in property expressions in Archicad. When you the tick the box “Allow multiple choices” in your option set property, the same property is no longer available to choose in expressions. And if you have already used it in another expression, that other expression will report the property as missing.

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