How to Use the Wand Tool for Wall Coverings

If you decide to draw separate walls for your wall coverings, you might wonder how to draft these efficiently. Of course you can trace the outline of the “naked” walls manually, but this feels like you are back in AutoCAD again. And then there’s still the problem of needing empty door and window holes in the new finishes. Do you really have to setup each of them manually?

Using the wand tool we can drastically speed up the first part of placing the walls and with appropriate transfer settings for windows & doors also the second part isn’t too bad either.

(If you want to automate all of these steps, you should try my Room Coverings Add-On!)

Step-by-Step Guide

Wall Coverings

  1. Create a separate layer with a distinct intersection number for the wall coverings

Screenshot of the Layer Manager Dialog with highlighted intersection number of wall finish layer.

  1. Setup the wall tool to use the finish you want and set it on the correct layer

Screenshot of wall settings with selected wall finish layer.

  1. While hovering over a zone, hold the Spacebar (the magic wand icon appears) and then Left-Click

Screenshot with highlighted wand cursor when using wall tool Screenshot of the result of applying the wall tool with the wand tool to a room polygon

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Wall Holes for Doors

  1. Setup new element transfer settings to only transfer size & height of windows and doors

Screenshot of element transfer settings for windows & doors

  1. Setup empty doors with the anchor point on one side. (There’s no need to specify the size and sill height, since we are injecting them in a later step)

Screenshot of empty door hole settings with anchor point on one side

  1. Place all empty door holes in the wall covering using the snap point on the side

Screenshot of placing empty door holes in wall coverings

  1. Transfer the size & sill height with our transfer settings

Screenshot of transferring size & sill height with the element transfer settings

Try it Yourself

To help you get started with this workflow, I’ve exported my transfer settings for you to download.

Click here to download the door & window transfer settings.

Now import these settings and try out the above steps in one of your projects.

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